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Website Maintenance and Support

Do you have an existing site that needs periodic changes and there is no one to do them on a regular basic?

Because you need to focus on what you do best, we can work with your organization's web site and take that responsibility off your hands. Our rates are highly competitive. Agreements are on a pay as you go basis or you can buy a block of time to use for what you want, whenever you want. This choice is yours.

What if you need a few pages created or enhanced on your existing site?

If you are looking for minor changes or enhancements to your existing web site, Qualitis Plus can assist you in this effort. Examples of such enhancements could be in adding flash or animations presentations, or adding new functionality such as dynamically driven content or user interactivity. If there if something already in mind, come talk to us. We can provide you with a price quote on suggested specifications. For more information, see our web site development services and our web site design services for more of what Qualitis Plus can do for you.

Are you marketing your web site enough?

Having a web site does not mean much if people cannot find your web site. If you are not in the major search engines and directories (Google, Yahoo, etc.), or part of social media websites (Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIN, Youtube, etc.) your web site is visible by only a few. Qualitis Plus can help you optimize your web site for the search engines and provide site submission and positioning services to increase visibility and popularity on the web. Once you start to market your web site and people visit your web site, then you can feel the potential of what the web can do for you.