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Website Design and Logo Services

Do you need...

Do you need a brand new web site?

Qualitis Plus' web design services have experience in and are focused on providing web site solutions for small to medium size organizations, ranging from small marketing oriented web sites to customized web sites consisting of comprehensive functionality, dynamic driven content and interactivity.

Whether you are looking for a marketing web site of 2 to 3 pages or a dynamic driven web site with database driven information and user interactivity, we can provide a solution for you, and a positive experience for visitors of your web site.

We are committed to designing and developing your web site using the latest in web designs and web development technologies in an ever changing world -
  • Custom WordPress Designs
  • Logo designs
  • Email marketing custom designs
  • Flash and multimedia designs
  • Integrated logo, identity and web design
  • Banners and other online advertisements
  • Interface Design
  • Social Media Marketing

Are you not sure if you need a Web site? Consider this - do you want market share going to your competitors? If they have a web site and it is better than yours, you are losing market share and ultimately losing business. Remember, your web site is an extension of your organization. We want to make sure you are properly represented on the Internet.

Do you need to totally redesign an existing web site?

Not happy with your current web site? Has your identity or personality of your organization changed? Your web sites need to remain fresh. As a norm, your web site should be redesigned every 2 to 3 years. At the minimum, a full review of your site is recommended periodically, a tune-up if you will.

We can provide a free analysis of your web site and make suggestions for improvement.

For a full analysis, you need to understand what you want from your web site -- goals, objectives, target audience. For a new web site, all these must be defined. For existing web site, such items may change over time and need to be revisited. Qualitis Plus can provide a free site evaluation for you in the following areas:

  • Viewability: Browser compatibility between various versions?
  • Functionality: Can users find what they are looking for easily?
  • Social Media Marketing: Is your social marketing and your website working together?
  • Link evaluation: Does your web site have broken links?
  • Competitors comparison: What are they doing that you should be?
Upon this evaluation, for a small price, we can draw up a model for a redesign, or for enhancements upon your existing site.

Do you need to make enhancements or additions to an existing web site?

If you are looking for minor changes or enhancements to your existing web site, Qualitis Plus can assist you in this effort. If you have something already in mind, great. Come talk to us. If you are not sure, we can provide a free analysis of your current web site. Whether you are looking for minor enhancements, such as jazzing up your web site with flash or animations, or looking to add new content or new functionality, Qualitis Plus can assist you. For more information, please see our site maintenance services.

Do you need to make enhancements or additions to social media pages?

With so many social media outlets, you now have to pay attention to this. Do you know you can incorporate Facebook banners, Facebook landing pages, Twitter Background branding and more?

  • Facebook Banners: We can design a 250×600 vertical banner, creating a nice advertisement. This can be used on both personal Facebook profiles as well as business fan pages and will appear on your wall and info pages.

  • Facebook Landing Pages: We can also design full HTML welcome pages for your Facebook fan page. This means we can design a full-page landing page that is just like any other page on the Internet and can contain graphics, actual text (not just graphical text), videos, clickable buttons, and text links. A custom landing page lets you tell new visitors to your Facebook page who aren’t yet fans what you do and why they should click the “Like” button and start seeing your posts in their news feed.

  • Twitter Background: Would you like your Twitter profile to reflect your branding? Does your Twitter page look like everyone elses?

  • Myspace layouts: Do you still use Myspace? We can create a custom Myspace layout.

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