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Our Design & Development Process

Solutions for your organization

Qualitis Plus' web services are focused on providing solutions for small to medium size organizations. Our goal is to help you fulfill your organization's needs while maximizing the benefits of the Internet. While each solution has its individual goals, we strive to help you meet these goals through a variety of means -- the full life cycle of creating your web site from beginning to end, the enhancement or modernization of your current web site, or to simply assist you in the upkeep of your current web site. We can help you.

An overview of Qualitis Plus' processes include an analysis of your web site needs, a plan to design and development these needs as well as the implementation of your web site, the maintenance and support after implementation and the ever important marketing of your site to the search engines.

  • Analyze Your Web Site Needs
    You need to understand what you want from your web site -- goals, objectives and target audience. Step one of the process is to define such goals. For a new web site, all these must be defined. For existing web site, such items may change over time and need to be revisited. Qualitis Plus provides a site evaluation for you:
    • View-ability: Browser compatibility?
    • Functionality: Can users find what they are looking for easily?
    • Link evaluation: Does your web site have broken links?
    • Competitors comparison: What are they doing that you should be?

  • Develop and Design Your Web Site
    Because you need to focus on what you do best, we design and develop your web site, intranet, or extranet to help fulfill your organizational goals and to maximize the potential of the web within your budget constraints. We can help you with your web site creation that reflects your distinct personality, and dynamic database content to keep your site fresh, and implement interactive functionality such as custom user forms.

  • Launch Your Web Site
    Hosting services? Yes, you're web site needs to be with a reliable hosting service that can monitor and maintain 24/7 availability. Qualitis Plus works with several hosting partners to provide clients with the most options and flexibility as well as access to highly competitive rates.

  • Monitor/Maintenance/Support
    After your site has been developed, you will need to keep your site fresh and up-to-date. This is important in an ever changing environment where you strive to stay ahead of your competition. Qualitis Plus can work with you on the maintenance of your web site.

  • Market Your Web Site
    Once you have a web site, it means little unless you market your site. Qualitis Plus provide services for search engine optimization, submission and positioning, all part of the process to promote your organization's visibility and popularity on the Internet.

Before we do any work with you, part of our process is to define what work we will perform for you and to provide you with a cost estimate in a statement of work agreement document. We are not here to give you hidden charges. We want you to know the expectations and costs involved, as well as the potential return.